9:58 AM

by Nvizhen Studios

For Those Of Us Who Stand Out By Our Color

For Those Of Us Who Disappear By Our Tones


How You Wear 


What You Wear

Inspire You

We Are Another Generation 

That Stares In Awe Of The Past

And In The Eye Of The Future

This Crossroad Leaves Much To Be Discovered

This Crossroad Leads Few To Discover Much

Extensions Of What’s Been Done Already

Answer To The Phrase

“There Is Nothing New Under The Sun”

As The Future Unfolds

I Can’t Deny That Imitation 


Do You Love What You See?

Are We Sold What To See?

Time Is Revealing Something To Me…

Many Of Us 

Doing The Same Things

Are Cursed By The Collective Unconscious

In This Big World

Our Small Platforms Are Shadowed

As They Become Closer And Closer And Closer

To Prosperity

To Evolution

To Elevation

To Sunlight

Being Noticed Should Be An Afterthought

Being Accepted Is A Difficult Equation

Being Awarded Is What Everyone Wants

We Continue To Sabotage Ourselves Of This Future 

Miscalculating The Steps 

The Universe Has Walked For Us

Being Human

Taking The Harder Route

You Have To Believe In Delusion

Delusion Has To Believe In You

When They Synchronize 

You Create A World Solely Of Your Mind

Making Connections Through Your Neurons

That Manifest In The Outside World

Leave You To Lose Yourself In Delusion

Maybe It’s Coincidence

Maybe It’s Luck

Maybe It’s Nothing

We’re Still Waiting To Be On The Other Side Of Delusion

A(N)Other Side That Is Reality.